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Matthew Rossi


nameless-coverThea Mendel is living in her car because there’s a ghost in her house. At a Halloween party, she meets someone who believes her, a boy with green eyes and ghosts of his own named Thomas.

Someone wants to do worse to Thea than kill her, and in order to find out who they are and what they want the two of them will have to deal with a clan of unusually helpful vampires, unexpected Shoggoths, and all the weird that Rhode Island can throw at them. And that’s a lot of weird.

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heartless_coverIn Book 2 of the Nameless series, Thea Mendel and Thomas Willrew fought off a god and stopped a nightmare, and made a family for themselves in the process.

But now there are minotaurs destroying farms and wererats attacking that family, vampires wanting favors and they have to figure out what any of it has to do with evil ex’es encroaching on their lives.

They thought they’d gotten their happily ever after, but it turns out that you have to fight to keep your happy ending.

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Book 3 of the Nameless series starts in a deserted part of Rhode Island, with a woman fearing for her life. It ends with the looming threat of the end of the world. In-between Thea Mendel, her husband Tom Willrew, and their extended family will need to deal with ghosts, giant monsters, ancient Celtic myths, wisdom fallen from heaven and a threat that has no identity, no name, and no face – a void from beyond the stars that sleeps like a black sun in the heart of our world.

Thea and Thomas have found each other and a family built on shared love and respect, but the past can have a habit of refusing to stay dead, and faceless horrors can rise up when you least expect it. How do you stop people from destroying everything to spite themselves? How would you even know if you were the one who needed to be stopped?

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At Last, Atlantis

at-last-atlantis-coverNot a real place, but far more profoundly real than we can imagine, Atlantis has lurked on the fringe of human imagination since Plato first created it. A land of obsessions, which has filled different roles for different writers (lost continent, birthplace of man, aggressive invaders, cradle of civilization, world empire, a chimera to hunt for) it grows more powerful the less actual it seems. This book looks through the same lens of fantasy, alternate history and outright lunacy as the author’s two previous books, Bottled Demon and Things That Never Were. At last, we come to Atlantis.

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Alex Ziebart

Lady Superior

lady-superior-coverKristen Anderson has kept her superpowers hidden since she was a teenager. Now, after the first time using her powers in public, she’s been pulled into full-time action by an organization that has been operating in the shadows for centuries.

As Lady Superior, Kristen must not only face an ancient threat, but the prospect of being utilized as the face of a movement to bring the world of superhumans into the public eye.

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Rookie Mistakes

rookie-mistakesIn Volume 2 of the Lady Superior superhero series, a serial killer is carving his way through the city. The task of stopping him falls to freshman superhero Lady Superior. The problem? She’s the killer’s true target. The corpses left behind are a case of mistaken identity, innocents caught in the crossfire of a witch hunt to find the real Lady Superior.

Armed with precious few clues and only a few months’ experience on the job, Lady Superior must find the killer—or shed her secret identity—before anyone else dies in her place.

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Silent Nights

Picking up from the cliffhanging ending of Volume 2, Lady Superior is down for the count. Vane, her archer companion, is on the hunt for revenge. Among the chaos, unlikely allies step up to help him bring down the man who tried to put her in the ground.

While Lady Superior recovers from the blast, she takes hard lessons to heart. The Ladykiller took a swing and missed. She won’t make the same mistakes twice.


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Cloud Chaser

Though still recovering from injuries received during his hunt for the Ladykiller, the archer Vane resolves to leave no loose ends and directs his attention toward a threat as absurd as it is dangerous: mind control vape juice. When his investigation gets bloody and takes a turn for the supernatural, he has no choice but to forge an alliance with the Knights Templar.

Cloud Chaser, a novella in the world of Lady Superior, picks up right after the conclusion of Silent Nights.

Available on Amazon for $2.99.

Blood and Masks

blood-and-masks-coverCalidus Varin, a member of an ancient order of elven demon hunters, has lived in the shadow of his master, Tullius the Black, for the better part of a century. Varin coasts on their combined fame, earning a reputation for recklessness, a taste for wine and women, and an irresistible inclination for boasting about his precious few exploits.

When a routine hunt on the city’s outskirts demands the execution of an innocent child, Varin is forced to reconsider his master’s teachings (and sanity). By delaying the execution and investigating a subsequent rash of inexplicable demon infestations, Varin stumbles upon an apocalyptic conspiracy that leads straight to his temple’s doorstep. Everyone he knows becomes suspect. His life—and the lives of his friends—are thrust into mortal peril.

Faced with the sudden arrival of a cunning Imperial magus, Varin enlists the aid of his closest friends: a wizard, a forest spirit, a skilled huntress, and a goddess. He also might have made an alliance with the creatures he’s sworn to dispatch. As the city threatens to sink into the abyss, Varin must fight to protect the city he loves—or die trying.

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