Alex Ziebart publishes Rookie Mistakes, volume 2 of his Lady Superior series

rookie-mistakesOn December 12, Alex Ziebart published Volume 2 of the Lady Superior series, Rookie Mistakes.

In this sequel to Lady Superior, a serial killer is carving his way through the city. The task of stopping him falls to freshman superhero Lady Superior. The problem? She’s the killer’s true target. The corpses left behind are a case of mistaken identity, innocents caught in the crossfire of a witch hunt to find the real Lady Superior.

Armed with precious few clues and only a few months’ experience on the job, Lady Superior must find the killer—or shed her secret identity—before anyone else dies in her place.

Rookie Mistakes is available on Amazon for $3.99.

Lady Superior is also available if you want to jump in at the start for $3.99.

Matthew Rossi publishes Heartless, book 2 of his Nameless series

heartless_coverOn Nov 1, Matthew Rossi released Heartless, the sequel to his supernatural thriller Nameless. In Book 2, Thea Mendel and Thomas Willrew fought off a god and stopped a nightmare, and made a family for themselves in the process. But now there are minotaurs destroying farms and wererats attacking that family, vampires wanting favors and they have to figure out what any of it has to do with evil ex’es encroaching on their lives. They thought they’d gotten their happily ever after, but it turns out that you have to fight to keep your happy ending.

Available on Amazon for $3.99.

Nameless is currently on sale, as of this writing, on Amazon for $1.29 if you want jump in from the beginning.