Alex Ziebart publishes Silent Nights, Volume 3 of his Lady Superior series

On July 19, Alex Ziebart published Volume 3 of the Lady Superior superhero series, Silent Nights.

Picking up from the cliffhanging ending of Volume 2, Lady Superior is down for the count. Vane, her archer companion, is on the hunt for revenge. Among the chaos, unlikely allies step up to help him bring down the man who tried to put her in the ground.

While Lady Superior recovers from the blast, she takes hard lessons to heart. The Ladykiller took a swing and missed. She won’t make the same mistakes twice.

Silent Nights (Lady Superior, Volume 3) is available on Amazon for $3.99

Rookie Mistakes (Lady Superior, Volume 2) is available on Amazon for $2.99

Lady Superior is also available if you want to jump in at the start for $2.99